Considerations when choosing a barcode scanner

We will share a few guidelines when choosing a barcode scanner. If you are located in Bulgaria, it is best to personally discuss the possibilities. If you like few models, we will direct you which one to choose depending on your work. Generally the right choice of barcode scanner is very important fot the effectivity of the system, fast processing in cashing, as well as entry points. (Under certain conditions, you may be provided for use free scanners on our part.)

Barcode scanners types

The market offers a wide range of models and manufacturers. The main types of scanners are: hand-held barcode scanners, desktop barcode scanners, handheld industrial, industrial desktop and scanners for incorporation. Each of them has different technical specifications. Depending on the workload of the site where they can be used, make a choice whether you need industrial parameters, depending on the place of use you can choose between hand-held and desktop (possibly embedded).

Most widely used with our software are manual barcode scanners with USB interface. They gives you the flexibility to change hardware you use, but also for possible work outdoors you can connect these scanners to mobile computers, to organize mobile check points.

Technical system requirements

In general, almost all barcode scanners can be used with Ticket7D. They can be used on different operating systems and devices. After all they must have a USB interface and support of standard "Keyboard Wedge" (virtual keyboard) output. (To work with Android-based tablets we use special USB-A console to Micro USB communication cables).

Barcode scanner
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