Puppet Theatres Cloud Ticketing Software

Puppet Theatre

Cloud Ticketing Software for Puppet Theatres

  • Ideal for puppet theatres
  • Powerful, yet easy to use interface
  • Accessible 24/7 from any internet connected location
  • Easy customize seats grid, prices and discounts
  • Organize check-in in the park
  • Powerful reports, exportable to PDF and CSV
  • Easy connect mobile printer
  • Easy integration with barcode scanners

Ideal for puppet theatres

Ticket7D is designed to meet the needs of puppet theatres. Over the many years, we made a lot of improvements, there were implemented many new functionalities to bring Ticket7D to what it is now - a modern cloud service ticket software for organizing the activities of puppet theatres and other performing organizations and free artists.

Powerful, yet easy to use interface

Ticket7D has easy to use intuitive web interface. All the software functionality is well organised and easy to reach. We have just one main top menu, where you can reach everything you need. You can start using the software right now without spending time to learn something complex and difficult to understand (of course we have guides which you can read when you have some time to spend, but this is not a must).

Accessible 24/7 from any internet connected location

Sell tickets from the park, in the school, from anywhere, just take you laptop with you. Ticket7D is designed and interpreted as cloud software service with all the positives from this - securely and instantly from virtually everywhere.

Easy customize seats grid, prices and discounts

Scene grid

You can create a custom seating chart that matches your venue layout, and even more - you can make more then one chart for one venue, depending on the seats scheme of a custom show. You can create custom price scheme for each event, and even more - you can make more then one scheme for one event. For example you can have regular prices together with group prices for school classes or other children groups, combined with free passes for the teachers. Ticket7D has extremely flexible roles based discounts architecture.

Organize check-in in the park

You can easily organize outdoor check-in points with 3G laptop, iPhone, Android device, etc. and handheld scanners. Fast and secure, keep ticket fraud at bay.

Powerful reports, exportable to PDF and CSV

Powerful real time reporting lets you track income and make better decisions. All reports are flexible and they have a lot of filters allowing you to make extremely large number of combinations and modifications of the data processing. Once you got the information you need you can export it to PDF or CSV for future presentations or analysis with a single click of a mouse.

Easy connect mobile printer

Ticket printer

Ticket7D can be integrated with a wide range of mobile wireless ticket printers to take advantage of speed and reliability to sell and print tickets outdoor. Combination of a good barcode ticket printer and custom designed tickets (could be with perforated stubs and/or serial number) gives excellent professional results. Some of our clients use the backside of the tickets for entertainment purposes, which gives great return and financial results.

Easy integration with barcode scanners

Barcode scanner

Most of the barcode scanners can be used with Ticket7D, after all before bying new one you can check for the requirements our software have. We use barcode scanners for the cashier work places (usually connected to desktop PCs) and for the check-in process where we usually use android tablets (we provide special USB-A console to Micro USB cables for this purpose, but you can use any stock one if you can find on the market). General requirements are usb barcode scanners supporting "Keyboard Wedge" as output option. Check technical documentation of the barcode scanner you choose to ensure if this is supported.

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