All the features you need

Ticket7D has so many years of constant improvements behind, so it's hard to imagine there is something missing inside. Starting from easy and fast setup, unlimited accounts, unlimited venues and events, to fully integration of ticket printers, barcode scanners and even third parity software like accountant, websites etc. Here are just the major of them:

Ticket7D features

ok Unlimited user accounts

Unlimited user accountsYou have unlimited users account with all subscription plans. Administrators can add, enable, disable or delete as manu users as they want. All users are granted with main role with all basic permissions suitable for this role. So you can easily create cashier and distributor without any worry on which exactly resources you have to grant permissions to. Each role has role specific permissions, which can be manually granted or removed from any specific user. For example you can grant permission to accept Credit Card payments for some of the cashiers which has POS terminals and no right for all other cashiers. Administrators can also reset the users passwords and disable some of them for immediately removing any rights for compromised employee.

From the other side, each system user can change his personal info, such as display name, phone, email, language etc. Each user can change his password and see a track of last 10 successful logins to his profile.

ok Shared Actor Pool Management

Shared Actor Pool ManagementYou can manage actors from your shows, associate actor to show as main or secondary actor. For theatres sharing actors a shared actor pool management is possible. When several theatres share same actor pool, Ticket7D performs conflict check for each event and notify both parties if such conflict found (same actor must play in different shows at the same time). For not shared actor pools conflict check is also available, but only check for internal conflict between different scenes/venue.

ok Powerful exportable reports

Powerful exportable reportsWith Ticket7D you receive powerful reports engine, many filters, exportable to PDF and CSV. You can track in real time cashiers sells, distributors activity, profit per event, daily sell reports etc. You can define show specific permissions to directors, so they can view reports for their own shows only. Each report has resource specific access control, so you can define which user can access specific report information. Distributors, cashiers has their own reports for personal activity only.

ok SOAP/XML interface

SOAP/XML interfaceTicket7D offers Simple Object Access Protocol, based on XML (EXtensible Markup Language), allowing internet communication between our ticketing software and third parties softwares such as accountant, website etc. SOAP provides a freedom to communicate between applications running on different operating systems, with different technologies and programming languages.

ok Platform independent

Platform independentYou are free to use our ticketing software on almost every device, as it is platform independent web brawser based. It runs on almost all modern browsers on every device. This gives you the freedom to choose what exactly hardware is best for you for each workstation - for cashiers, for directors, for distributors, for check-in etc.

ok Unlimited templates - ticket, price, discount

Unlimited templates - ticket, price, discount You have unlimited price, ticket and discount templates. You can change all associated templates for each event in real time. This gives you the flexibility to manage ticket sales according to many different strategies, you can have early prices, last minute prices, different type of disounts. All discounts can be percent based, fixed based or both. In addition each discount has associated permission level, so only granted users can apply this discount. Very useful for large organizations.

Ticket templates gives you the power to have different ticket style for each event, to add event specific clipart, advertisement etc.

ok Unlimited scenes/venues

Unlimited scenes/venues You can define unlimited number of scenes/venues, so you can easily cover all your activity. Scenes can be sector or no-sector based. Each sector can be grid based (with fixed seat numbers) or no-grid based with free no seated tickets (for sectors like "front of stage" for example). Ticket7D gives you powerful management mechanism so you can define each scene/venue your self and manage/edit it in the future. Even more, you can define more then one template for one venue covering different type of scene position, or seats grid, depending on event you plan.

ok Easy printer/scanner integration

Easy printer/scanner integrationEasy integration of extremely large number of external ticket printers and barcode scanners models. Optimize cashiers sells with speed and professional designed ticketing. Use barcode scanners for fast and secure entrance control, keep ticket fraud at bay. In combination with large number of devices supported you can organize your business almost everywhere.