Fiscal printers

The use of fiscal printers entirely dependent on local legislation. It is necessary to make your own studies concerning the requirements regarding your business and organization.

For organizations operating in Bulgaria, there are the following options:

  • Use the cob tickets of Ministry of Finance
  • When selling tickets, the system prints ticket number and place to which the cashier attaches corresponding nominal value with price. In this case it is not necessary to use a fiscal printer.

  • Printing on the blank with at least two protective elements
  • Legally this is similar to the above option - using the ticket - security. The difference is technical and consists in that the very printing performance, line number and must be carried out on the ticket - security, thus the cashier does not have to attach anything to the ticket. Again not required fiscal system, but the blanks as securities must pass a legal procedure to legalize.

  • Use of fiscal printer
  • In this case, the system prints a ticket on which the cashier attaches a fiscal voucher. Here are two possible scenarios - the fiscal device can be integrated with Ticket7D and when printing the ticket, the system automatically printes fiscal voucher or in the second case you can use any autonomous fiscal printer as a cashier manually inputs the value of the voucher and print it (this is not a suitable option for busy cashier points).

  • Combined ticket
  • There are fiscal-combined ticket printers, where on the same blank are printed ticket and after that the fiscal receipt. This option is not widely used due to the still high prices of such devices.

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